Pilates for the Older Person

In the 1980s, tests which were carried out in the USA indicated that the main obstacle to mobility older people face is due to the neglect of use of their muscles.

In an ideal world, a person should never give up exercising. However, as we get older, we start to become less active.

Research has shown that taking up exercise again after neglecting it for some time, has a notable affect on memory, alterness, steadiness and balance, and an increased circulation.

Many people in their 60s, 70s, and 80s exercise at the studio; some who started in excellent shape, and some who came to the studio in poor physical condition. The main rule is not to do too much too quickly. Everyone starts with simple exercises and movements to promote natural mobility and good posture. A person simply progresses as their mind and body progresses.

When working with older clients, Ali likes to focus on working with muscles that contribute to balance and agility. Some people may have difficulty putting socks on, for instance. A task that requires a certain kind of balance and flexibility. There are many movements and exercises that we do in the studio that also help a person with those types of everyday tasks that become less do-able as we progress through life.

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