Studio Pilates

The studio contains several key pieces of Pilates equipment that work the body against the resistance of springs. You will exercise with a precision and intensity you have never experienced before. Due to their effectiveness, generally the exercises are repeated no more than ten times.

Classes at the Studio are semi-private, and the emphasis is entirely on the individual. The first visit involves a personal assessment that relates to general health and fitness. A unique programme suited to your needs and goals can then be devised. A class lasts a maximum of 90 minutes. The programme evolves as your body improves along with your ability to do the exercises.

The studio now has many loyal clients including a number of fellow teachers who come along to practice under the expert tuition of Ali.

Pilates on the Corner: 2/1 Torphichen Place, Haymarket, Edinburgh EH3 8DU | Tel: 07779 587395 | e: