The Origins

The Pilates Method was the product of a lifelong observation of the human body and its natural functions, which Joseph H. Pilates called "Contrology." His Method takes the best of both Western and Eastern traditions, blending the mind and body and viewing them as a unity working in complete harmony with each other.

Pilates' exercises require a great deal of concentration and attention to detail. The results benefit the whole body, leaving you with a sense of wellbeing and a greater awareness of the way that you move and hold yourself.

Joseph H Pilates (Own Quotes)

• My Method develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the    mind and elevates the spirit.
• People won't understand the brilliance of my work for 50 years.
• It is the spirit which shapes the body.
• I'm not concerned with body building; I'm just trying to make people normal human beings.
• What is balance of body and mind? It is the conscious control of all muscular movements of the body.

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